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Institutes Run by K.K.Wagh Education Society

Engineering College
1. K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik
2. K.K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik.
3. K.K. Wagh Women’s Polytechnic, Nashik
4. K.K. Wagh Polytechnic, Chandori, Tal: Niphad, Dist: Nashik.
Agriculture & Agricultural Allied Colleges
5. K.K. Wagh College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Nashik.
6. K.K. Wagh College of Agriculture, Nashik
7. K.K.Wagh College of Agricultural Bio-Technology, Nashik
8. K.K.Wagh College of Food Technology, Nashik.
9. K.K.Wagh College of Agriculture Business Management, Nashik
10. K. K. Wagh College of Horticulture, Nashik
Senior Colleges
11 K.K.Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science & Comp. Science College, Nashik.
12 K.K. Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science & Comp. Science College, Chandori, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik.
13. K.K. Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science & Comp. Science College, Kakasahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik.
14. K. K. Wagh Arts, Commerce, Science & Computer Science College, Pimplas (Ramache), Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
Nursing / B. Ed. / Fine Arts / Performing Arts
15. K.K.Wagh College of Nursing, Nashik
16. K.K.Wagh College of Education, Nashik
17. K.K. Wagh College of Fine Arts, Nashik
18. K.K. Wagh College of Performing Arts, Nashik
Aided Schools
19. K.K. Wagh Vidyabhavan and Junior College, Bhausahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
20. Gitai Wagh Kanya Vidyalaya, Bhausahebnagar,Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
21. K.K. Wagh Secondary School, Pimplas (Ramache), Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik.
Junior Colleges + English Schools
22. K.K. Wagh Secondary School & Junior College, Puriya Park, Nashik
23. K. K. Wagh Junior College, Chandori, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
24. K. K. Wagh Junior College, Pimplas (Ramache), Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
25. K. K. Wagh Junior College, Kakasahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
26. K.K. Wagh English School (Primary, Secondary & Jr.College), Saraswatinagar, Panchavati, Nashik
27. K.K. Wagh English School (Primary & Secondary), D.G.P. Nagar, Nashik
28. K.K. Wagh English School, Gangapur, Nashik
29. K. K. Wagh English School, Chandori, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
30. K. K. Wagh English School, Pimpalas (Ramache), Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
31. K. K. Wagh English School, Kakasahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
CBSE Schools
32. K. K. Wagh Universal School, Saraswatinagar, Panchavati,Nashik
33. K. K. Wagh Universal School, D.G.P. Nagar, Nashik
34. K. K. Wagh Universal School, Bhausahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
1. Gurukul Boys & Girls Hostel, Bhausahebnagar, Tal:Niphad, Dist:Nashik
2. K.K.Wagh Engineering College & Polytechnic Boys & Girls Hostel, Nashik.
3. K.K.Wagh Agricultural Engineering & Agriculture College Boys & Girls Hostel, Nashik.
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