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Educational Visits Arranged during 2016-17

Sr.No Title of Popular article Name of Staff Publication Detail
1 Bhokar- Ek Bahuopyogi Ranphal Prof. A.A.Chothe, & Prof. S.B. Vidhate Agrotech Jun 2016
2 Naral Lagwad Prof. B.B. Tayade & Prof. Y.D. Mehetre, Krishi Vichar July 2016
3 Halad Lagwadiche adhunik tantra Prof. S.B. Vidhate & Prof. A. A.Chothe, Krushibhushan July- Sept. 2016
4 Bhajipalyache kadhninatrache Vavsthapan Prof. Y.D. Mehetre, & Prof. S. M. Karkute Krushibhushan July- Sapt. 2016
5 Bhajipalyavaril Pramukh Kidi Prof. S.B. Vidhate Krushibhushan July- Sapt. 2016
6 Shettalyatil Undranchya trasaver upay Prof. B.B. Tayade & Prof. Y.D. Mehetre, Krushibhushan July- Sapt. 2016
7 Vangi pakachi sudharit lagvad Prof. M. D. Sadgir & Prof. A. A.Chothe, Krishi Vichar August- Sept. 2016
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